21st Century U.S. Military Documents, Teleportation Physics Study: Analysis for the Air Force Research Laboratory of Teleportation of Physical Objects, ... Psychokinesis (PK), Levitation by World Spaceflight News

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21st Century U.S. Military Documents, Teleportation Physics Study: Analysis for the Air Force Research Laboratory of Teleportation of Physical Objects, ... Psychokinesis (PK), Levitation

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Book review

This electronic book on CD-ROM provides a complete reproduction of an August 2004 Pentagon "special technical report" on research performed for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFMC) at Edwards AFB, California, by Eric W. Davis of Warp Drive Metrics, Las Vegas, NV. Yes, the report is authentic, and the subject is really teleportation – as described in the introduction: "The concept of teleportation was originally developed during the Golden Age of 20th century science fiction literature by writers in need of a form of instantaneous disembodied transportation technology to support the plots of their stories. Because of Star Trek everyone in the world is familiar with the "transporter" device, which is used to teleport personnel and material from starship to starship or from ship to planet and vice versa at the speed of light. People or inanimate objects would be positioned on the transporter pad and become completely disintegrated by a beam with their atoms being patterned in a computer buffer and later converted into a beam that is directed toward the destination, and then reintegrated back into their original form (all without error!). "Beam me up, Scotty" is a familiar automobile bumper sticker or cry of exasperation that were popularly adopted from the series. However, the late Dr. Robert L. Forward (2001) stated that modern hard-core SciFi literature, with the exception of the ongoing Star Trek franchise, has abandoned using the teleportation concept because writers believe that it has more to do with the realms of parapsychology/paranormal (a.k.a. psychic) and imaginative fantasy than with any realm of science. Beginning in the 1980s developments in quantum theory and general relativity physics have succeeded in pushing the envelope in exploring the reality of teleportation. A crescendo of scientific and popular literature appearing in the 1990s and as recently as 2003 has raised public awareness of the new technological possibilities offered by teleportation. As for the psychic aspect of teleportation, it became known to Dr. Forward and myself, along with several colleagues both inside and outside of government, that anomalous teleportation has been scientifically investigated and separately documented by the Department of Defense. It has been recognized that extending the present research in quantum teleportation and developing alternative forms of teleportation physics would have a high payoff impact on communications and transportation technologies in the civilian and military sectors. It is the purpose of this study to explore the physics of teleportation and delineate its characteristics and performances, and to make recommendations for further studies in support of Air Force Advanced Concepts programs." Davis provides a wealth of technical detail to back up his arguments about theories, experiments, wormholes, stargates, parallel universes, negative energy, psychokinesis (PK), psychic means of teleportation, quantum entanglement, and much more.

In addition, there are three major declassified Pentagon reports involving paranormal phenomena: (1) Paraphysics Research and Development in the Warsaw Pact (including the Soviet Union) - Prepared by the U.S. Air Force, Air Force Systems Command, Foreign Technology Division, provides the assessment of the government of the status of research by members of the Warsaw Pact into the subject of paraphysics. (2) Controlled Offensive Behavior Research in the Soviet Union - Prepared by the U.S. Army, Office of the Surgeon General, Medical Intelligence Office, provides the assessment of the government of the status of research by the Soviet Union (USSR) on human vulnerability as it relates to incapacitating individuals or small groups. (3) Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research, Telepathy, Energy Transfer, Psychotronic Generator, Apport Technique, ESP, Remote Viewing, Out-of-Body Phenomena, the Paranormal, Psychokinesis (PK) - Prepared by the U.S. Army, Office of th

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