21st Century Complete Collection Of Nasa Dryden Flight Research Center Photos And Movies: Incredible Images Of Historic Aircraft, X Planes, Spacecraft, Lifting Bodies by World Spaceflight News

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21st Century Complete Collection Of Nasa Dryden Flight Research Center Photos And Movies: Incredible Images Of Historic Aircraft, X Planes, Spacecraft, Lifting Bodies

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Book review

This incredible collection of nearly 2000 JPG images (24-bit color files) and 230 QuickTime movies in various resolutions on four DVD-ROMs presents an enormous library of digitized photos, movies, and drawings of many of the unique research aircraft flown from the 1940s to the present at what is now known as the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (DRFC) at Edwards, California. In addition to a virtually complete collection of all public-posted images from DFRC, we have created an Adobe Acrobat Image Gallery with a selection of some of the images.

Aircraft, spacecraft, and other topics covered include:

A-5A Vigilante; Active Aeroelastic Wing (AAW); AD-1 Oblique Wing Research; Aero-Commander Unswept Fuselage Study; Aerospike Rocket Test - first known data from a solid fueled aerospike rocket in flight; Altair/Predator B Remotely operated, uninhabited aircraft program; Altus ERAST Program; Apex ERAST Program; Automated Aerial Refueling (AAR) F/A-18; (AAR) project; Autonomous Formation Flight (AFF) Autonomous Formation Flight Control 2000 – 2001; B-29 Superfortress Air Drop Mothership 1940s - 1960s; B-47A Stratojet Landing Drag Chute Study and Dynamic Response Research 1953-7; B-52 Air Drop Mothership 1959 – present; F-111 Chute Drop Test 1989; HiMAT Mothership; STS Drag Chute Tests; X-38 Mothership 1997 – 2000; B-57B Canberra Atmospheric Research 1982; Bell 47 Support and LLRV Chase/Training early 1960s – 1985; Boeing 720 Controlled Impact Demonstration 1984; Boeing 727; Boeing 747 Vortex study 1974, 1979; C-17 Globemaster III Propulsion Health Management (PHM) 2003 – present;C-140 Jetstar General purpose airborne simulator 1963-1988; C-20A General project support aircraft 2002 – present; C-141A Eclipse tow aircraft; Centurion; CV-990; D-558-1 Skystreak Transonic; D-558-2 Skyrocket; Daedalus Human Powered Aircraft; DC-8 Airborne Laboratory; Demonstrator 2 D-2 ERAST; Eclipse Towed aircraft; ER-2 High altitude Research; F-4A Phantom; F-4C Phantom II; F4D Skyray; F5D-1 Skylancer Develop Dyna-soar launch pad abort procedures; F-8A Crusader SCW - Supercritical Wing; F-8C Crusader DFBW - Digital Fly-By-Wire; F-14 Tomcat variable Sweep; F-15 Eagle; F-16 AFTI; F-16XL; Airborne Astronomy; SRA - Systems Research Aircraft; HARV - High Alpha Research Aircraft; F-86 Sabre; F-100 Super Sabre; F-101 Voodoo; F-104 Starfighter; F-105 Thunderchief; F-106 Delta Dart; F-107A; F-111 Aardvaark; F-111E; Gossamer Albatross Human Powered Aircraft; Guppy Pilot study and system transport; HL-10 Lifting Body; Helios Solar Powered Aircraft; HiMAT RPV; Hyper III RPV; Inflatable Wing; Iron Cross Attitude Simulator; KC-135A Stratotanker; KingAir; L-1011; Lear 24; LLRV Lunar Landing Research Vehicle; LRV Low Reynolds Vehicle; M2-F1 lifting Body; MD-11; Mini-Sniffer; Morphing Airplane; Oblique Wing Research; OV-1C; P-3D Orion; P-38 Lightning; P-51 Mustang; PA-30 TwinComanche; Paresev Spacecraft landing control systems; Pathfinder, Pathfinder-Plus Solar Powered Aircraft; Pegasus; Perseus; PIK-20E; Power-Beaming; Proteus; R4D Skytrain; RF-84-F; RSRA; Schweizer; Spacewedge Spacecraft Autoland Project; SR-71 Blackbird; Linear Aerospike SR Experiment (LASRE); Ultraviolet Experiment; SRV; Shaped Sonic Boom Demonstration (SSBD); T-33A; T-34C; T-37; T-38; Theseus RPV; Tier 3- Darkstar; TU-144LL; U-2; Voyager Globe circling flight; X-1; X-1A; X-1B; X-1E; X-2; X-3; X-4; X-5; X-15; X-24; X-29; X-31; X-33; X-34; X-36; X-37; X-38; X-40A; X-43A / Hyper-X; X-45A Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems; X-Wing Rotor System Research Aircraft; XB-70A Valkyrie; XF-91 Thunderceptor; XF-92A; XV-15 Tilt Rotor Aircraft; YF-12 Blackbird; YF-17 Cobra; YF-102 Delta Dagger; YO-3A; YRF-84F; Aircraft Fleet Images - All Dryden aircraft fleet photos 1950 – present; STS - Space Shuttle ALT Approach and Landing Tests late 1970s; Ferry Flights; STS Dryden/Edwards Landings 1981 – present; MDD STS Mate-Demate Device; Dryden Center Research Facilities Images laboratories and buildings; Aerodynamic

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